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Staff Transport

Professional Employee Transport Solutions in Johannesburg

It goes without saying that the global pandemic has has had a catastrophic and disastrous effect and impact on global economies as a whole! 

Whilst most companies in South Africa were able to adapt to remote working or work from home arrangements, a vast number of companies & industries do not have the latitude of adapting most or all of their work functions to this new modus operandi!

These companies are compelled to rely on workplace interventions, which include a variety of Covid protocols which in good faith, these interventions should have a positive impact - sadly this has proven to not be enough!

The massive increase in the number of new reported infections on a daily basis, paints a grim picture. The reality is that the vast number of the workforce depend on the public transport system including taxi's, buses, trains, e-hailing taxi's and car pools..There's is no way to police these environments to ensure that Covid protocols are in place and are being adhered to..

Where does this leave you with all the hard work you've undertaken (never mind the cost involved) to ensure that your workplace not only complies to the regulations, minimize the number of workplace infections & disruptions to work place operation?

The long and short: Exposed like a sitting duck! Helpless! 
Why? Cause these environments are beyond your sphere of influence & control!

The negative financial impact of this situation can be catastrophic to your company:

1. Costs to have the workplace decontaminated & disinfected after every confirmed COVID case;

2. Lost productivity & output - you have to stop working and send everyone home!
Frustrating isn't it? What if I told you, you don’t have to be a sitting duck, and that you don’t have to endure this helpless situation any longer?

We have taken the many years (6 years to be exact) of experience in leisure & corporate shuttle services, which already included strict hygiene protocols, tweaked them to be able to offer what we believe is a world class staff transport solution! 

Our driving objective is to provide a staff transportation service which not only minimizes work place infections but more importantly, saves lives! 

With more & more people returning to work, the risk of increased infections is a big reality for most employers.

The historically "unreliable & unsafe" traditional taxi now poses an even greater threat to your workforce by increasing infections!

As an employer you've probably invested heavily in ensuring the workplace is compliant and as safe as can be. What you cannot control is what happens in-transit to work. 

Did you know that a single Covid + case means site closure, deep cleaning of the entire premises, lost productivity / output equates to lost revenue, increased costs to the bottom line?

Our employee transport service is designed to compliment your existing protocols you've implemented in the workplace:

  • By ensuring your staff gets to & from work safely;
  • Compliments your existing workplace hygiene program;
  • Adheres to the regulated vehicle capacity levels;
  • Provides you with accurate reporting on services;
Why Should You Do This?
  • Reduce potential of infections in the workplace
  • Minimize downtime in lost productivity
  • ​Increase business productivity & output
  • Ensures Employees arrive to at work on time
  • ​Provide accurate & real time reporting on the status of services
  • ​​Ensures you have a more engaged & committed team in the work place
  • ​Improves staff retention - "Treat your employees like they make a difference - and they will" 
We’re so confident that our solution will have a positive impact on your organisation, that we're offering a FREE (no cost / obligation) consultation to ascertain if our service is suitable and makes commercial sense for your organisation. 
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